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April 18th 2014 17:02     
The number is from the telemarketing company Yext. The Caller calls our office constantly asking for the doctor I work for. After the caller was told numerous times if the doctor hasn't call you back after leaving 8 messages he's not interested then saying good bye and hanging up the phone. The caller, AJ, call me back to ask if I hung up on all of our patients then he preceded to hang up on me. He called again today with the name "Chris" and said he was a doctor for down the road and needed to speak to the doctor because he had a patient to refer. Sure you do pal! Isn't saying you are a doctor and your not one called impersonation and against the law? I'll be recording his next call and if he chooses to do it again I WILL contact the police. Oh, when saying your a doctor from down the street you might consider using a local area code not a NY one and with out the sounds of all the other telemarketers in the background. Okay I feel better now. =D

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