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December 15th 2016 01:20     
The same number keeps calling me trying to get me to them. I believe they were also harrasing from another number before that with the name MATT that number stopped calling me after I threatened to file a police report in the county he was in and also in my own county he was also emailing me this was about 2 weeks ago finally it stopped, but now this 1-714-257-7100 started calling me yesterday I politely asked the gentlemen to take me off his call list he asked if I still needed help I said no I do not. Then a half hour ago he calls again same guy I told him I already asked him to take me off his call list and asked am I sure it was them that called REALLY??? I told him it was him personally then he asked me again do I still need help I said I already told you no take me off your list. 1-714-2577100 is definitly a scam.matt@qtr.tax THIS IS THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE OTHER ONE I BELIEVE BOTH ARE CONNECTED BEWARE THIS GUY IS A TOTAL POS

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