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March 24th 2014 17:48     
This is the guy and his companies.
Strategy: Bulk buys mobile\telephone numbers and deals in automated cold calling on dealing Debt refinacing and PPI claims. Debt and PPI claims are free do, yet his company works on commissions from successful claims against the big UK Banks and Building Societies. Mr Simon Lewis Gilbert‎ - DOB: 11/07/1975 Ultimate director and owner of 9 companies in the last 4 years. Recent company is: AFFILIATE FINANCE LTD 1. CHILLICOW LIMITED 2. CJMS GLOBAL LIMITED 3. GNV FINANCE LTD 4. MSM CREDIT LIMITED 5. THE SIMIC PARTNERSHIP LIMITED 6. SOMERHALDER CONSULTING LTD 7. LIQUID LOANS LIMITED 8. AFFILIATE FINANCE LTD 9. CANNON FINANCE LIMITED Company address: Athene House 86 The Broadway Mill Hill London NW7 3TD LONDON United Kingdom (Simon Lewis Gilbert) Contact’s Home Address: 5 Hazel Mead Arkley EN5 3LP Barnet Hertfordshire United Kingdom

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