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October 9th 2017 13:09     
my computer is blocked why?

October 12th 2017 16:49     
online thief
blocked computer trying to sell new software by giving them your visa or MasterCard details !! I ask them if theres a website to buy that software but I just have one way to pay thats by giving them my Card details !!! online thief

November 20th 2017 19:26     
Online thief
Bkful everyone my friend juz got hacked frm her apple mac book when she tried to download songs frm unknown website then suddenly pop out a message tat her apple got virus it stated to call this number below tel:0018553106444 they claim they are frm apple customer service. she called the number cause her apple was totaly not working and knot even shut down cause they already in control of her macbook. This bunch of india speaking customer service claim they frm apple company and they could fix the virus for a fees $149.99USD and require us credit card number , Thank god my friend search online for this caller no to check whether its frm apple or not then the result are as seen below

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